Where should you invest out of state (CA) in 2016? The results are in.

Where should you invest out of state (CA) in 2016? See this drawing from some data [citydata.com/neighborhoodscout.com], sentiments from investors and reading local news.

  1. Indiana: I am IN. Consistently 10% return on cash flow.
  2. Kansas City: not much experience here, pure sentiment
  3. Texas: not sure about the super low oil price implication though. High tax.
  4. Atlanta: already appreciate quite a bit in the past couple years
  5. Birmingham, AL: not much experience here, pure sentiment
  6. TN state: a lot of players there
  7. NC state: similar to ATL but less appreciation
  8. OH: Cleveland is really tricky but cahflow is high. I saw quite a few cases higher than Indiana and Kansas
  9. Chicago: not landlord friendly but a lot of foreclosure to pick up
  10. PA: good rent/price ration. The best actually. Tax is higher is what I heard.

Any other places you invest in? Please send me a note.

  1. Cashflow vs Appreciation


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