个级别的范围。G不一样,G几乎100% match/beat F。所以最好情况是先去G拿一个初始
数字,然后用这个去让F match,再把F的结果让G match,得到的就是你的最优结果了





好处,当然是抢了一堆便宜的cash cow,后遗症就是时刻要修房,包括修理各种极品房客,还有房客的各种头疼“后妈”。于是一边欢快数钱得瑟自己的战绩,一边吐槽抱怨,建议要买些千年人参大补精神元气。结果,究竟是赚了还是亏了,只能是瞎子吃汤圆,心知肚明吧。



好处当然是烦心事少些,收租安稳。虽然cash flow少,难免要疑虑万一空置时间长了,怎么抗过去。万一,经济crash, 房子租不出价,怎么办?但是挂在墙上的大饼(未来增值)还是很圆满诱人。





Landlord Raises Rent from 2600 to 4000: how I turn a under rented bargain to a cash cow

Forwarded from a forum post, good advice.

I purchased a 4-plex that was drastically under market rent in 2014. I am in Everett, WA, which is 25 min from Seattle/King County, which a lot consider to be the next San Francisco in terms of real estate and rent prices.

We are in a very similar situation where rents are increasing faster than they ever have. If you haven’t done rent increases every year, you are at least 5% under market. If you’ve waited longer than a year (such as your property), you are way under market.

My 4-plex collected ~$2600 when I purchased and my goal was to raise to to ~$4000 within 3 years with minimal vacancies. The units were in rough shape so I pushed the rent increases to see if the tenants would move out since I wanted to update anyway. I raised them 3 months after purchase, 6 months after that, and one more time 6 months after. I’ve experienced three move outs in 16 months but currently collect $1100 more each month between 4 units since purchase. Because the rents are still rising, I have added another $450 to my initial goal and hope to achieve these rent raises in the next 2-3 years.

The good thing about rising rents is that it means your property is wanted. If you have money to do repairs, I would not be afraid of someone moving out. My last 3 move outs combined I had about 17 days total vacancy. If you plan right, it should not take you longer than 7 days to move a tenant in AFTER cleaning up.

Communication is KEY during this process. I always try to be as friendly as possible with the tenants I inherited. People’s emotions are often times directly linked to their money situation. No one in the world likes to hear their landlord tell them rent is going up. You might see it on the news everyday and hear it from your friends, but the problem is not real until your actual landlord tells you its happening. Local government is a great scapegoat, I usually blame the increases on rising property taxes.

To help answer all your questions, I would post a test ad on Craigslist for one of the properties you want to raise rents for. Run the ad for 2-7 days and see what kind of response you get. If you get 20 calls/emails a day, your price is too low. If you get 5-10, your price is probably appropriate and I would consider this “market rent.”

The day you run this ad matters. You will get more responses on Thursday-Saturday than on Monday-Wednesday. In a market like the Bay, this really shouldn’t matter too much. Just more of something to keep in mind if you see huge differences in numbers day to day.

ONE LAST POINTER! I would make sure to increase the security deposits for current and future tenants if you haven’t done so already. Security is usually 1-2 months rent. If you are under rented by that much, the security deposits may not be appropriate. This was one of the first things I noticed when I took over. The rent was $800-1000/month and everyone’s security deposit was $300-500 because they’ve been there for years.

Hope this helps! Feel free to message me if you need any help. I’ve got some more random pointers for achieving max rent and low turnover.

Uber latest interview questions 2016

去年投入重金的Uber市场份额不增反跌,从一季度的10.9%跌至四季度的8.7%… but anyway
1. Merge Two Sorted Lists
2. Sparse Matrix Multiplication
3. 给一个n列类似俄罗期方块的盘, 往下掉方块. 方块定义如下:
class Block {
int left;
int right;
int height;
其中 0<= left < right < n ,  像俄罗斯方块一样会叠起来. 求最高高度

class FallingBlock {
public FallingBlock(int width);
public void fallBlock(Block block);
public int getMaxHeight();
4. design whatsapp

地主必备:这几条addendum加在你用的agent’s lease agreement

地主必备:这几条加在你用的agent’s lease agreement,事半功倍。

这是我自己根据常遇见的问题特别加上的。主要是为了免责。发现加了后, 并不影响签约。

Snow Ice removal:强调HOA不管的地方tenant负责,如steps, patio, parking place. 已经有两起相关的 sues了.

Delay:地主免reponsiblity, 比如上个tenant没有按时搬出,public work,

Long Term: 一个HOA开始有rent control, 新的rent可能要有waiting list. 和tenant签了5年lease,每12个月可以提出termination.

Habitable Place: 强调地下室和attic不能住人. 实际假装不知到.

Room Tempture: 最低60, 冻了水管tenant负责

Habitable condition: 如果不能住了,不能很快修好,lease terminates, 地主不管tenant任何事儿.

Temporary Heating: 修的时候,tenant用他们的电heater.

[这个黑]Minor Maintenance: Tenant自己管。 ¥50, 如果叫地主。列出items, 比如清理elbow.

Insurance: Tenant 买rental insurance,保他们自己的东西

Uber 2016 SWE2 offer package numbers salary bonus refreshment


swe2的range是不小,也就是14w+ base,25w-70+w equity的样子。高端swe2的offer:
14 + 70/4 也就是30出头些。

要不就是把top performer的refresh也给无耻的算进去。你问问拿FLG offer的,那
Airbnb, Pinterest offer的,有谁家把refresh算进去。
一月底的数字是 Bonus $37K (on target) $111K (top 25%) 222K (top)
最近据说改了比例后,20% cash, 80% equity,但是数字我想应该没有大的变化。

performer算那就是耍流氓了。别人家的refresh target都差不多是给new hire equity