Uber latest interview questions 2016

去年投入重金的Uber市场份额不增反跌,从一季度的10.9%跌至四季度的8.7%… but anyway
1. Merge Two Sorted Lists
2. Sparse Matrix Multiplication
3. 给一个n列类似俄罗期方块的盘, 往下掉方块. 方块定义如下:
class Block {
int left;
int right;
int height;
其中 0<= left < right < n ,  像俄罗斯方块一样会叠起来. 求最高高度

class FallingBlock {
public FallingBlock(int width);
public void fallBlock(Block block);
public int getMaxHeight();
4. design whatsapp


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