Where to invest for out of state investors? You can’t go wrong with this list.

The number one question for real estate investors is LOCATION. Now that you find out your local market doesn’t have deals you like, or doesn’t cash flow, you want to find a location that makes more sense.

As an investor myself, I spent months trying to figure this out. And I paid dearly for my mistakes. I suggest most new out-of-state investors stick with the proven EIGHT secondary markets, namely

  • DFW (a little late in 2016)
  • Indianapolis (I am so in)
  • Atlanta (Personally I don’t have good experience there)
  • Kansas City
  • Birmingham
  •  Memphis
  • Carolinas
  • Ohio
  • Florida

If you are new to out-of-state investment, don’t try to recreate new wheels and bury yourself in numbers. It only gives you an excuse not to do anything (worth than losing money).


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