01/2018 Big Facebook E4 Package PhD with 1 year experience and competing offer from Google and LinkedIn

Internal Referral: Yes
Education: PhD
Experience: 1-3Year
Facebook Level: E4
Location: Menlo Park, CA
base salary: 160000
Equity部分(RSU/Option Total): 400000
Equity Vesting schedule: 4 years
sign on bonus: 100,000!
Yearly Bonus: 10%+
relocation: no
other offers: google, linkedin

Expected compensation: 305,000+/yr for first 4 years or 400K first year

Analysis: top E4 offer. Competing offer + strong internal referral works magic

01/2018 yelp, salesforce, groupon competing offers master 2 year experience

Has yelp, salesforce, groupon at the same time.

Level: SDE
Education: Master Degree
Location: Bay area
Experience: Bachelor plus 2+years
Competing Offer: yelp, salesforce, groupon
Base: 150K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 100k stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 210K to 220k/yr

Competing offers help. These 3 companies typically gives 180 to 200k for such candidates. Notice these companies typically pay more base than Facebook/Google but less stock incentives. Some says that these companies has relatively lower workload than F/G.

01/2008 Google T3 offer with 300K stock GSU 1year Experience Master

Google Level: T3
Education: Master Degree
Location: Mountain View
Experience: Bachelor plus 1+years
Competing Offer: NA
Base: 130K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 300K worth of google stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 237K/yr

No competing offer!

One of the very good offer as a T3 with no competing offer. Almost in T4 lower-mid end range.


Cash counting stock equity refreshment for google


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Over the last month, we’ve seen a lot of compensation data provided anonymously by tech employees. We compiled and standardized some of this data to improve our understanding of what companies are paying, and we realized that we might want to share our findings.

Summary of Results

For this first pass, we focused on engineering compensation at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft because there were more data points to work with. We standardized the engineering levels to the best of our abilities to compare compensation across companies for each level. We welcome any feedback or corrections to improve our analysis.

We found that Total Annual Compensation is the highest at Google, mostly due to their cash+stock bonus.  For Levels 1 and 2, base salaries are comparable across the four companies. At Levels 3 and 4, Google and Facebook offer the highest salaries. Google’s cash+stock bonus value trumps all others, especially at more senior levels.

Median Annual Compensation Per Level  

level comparisons


A Closer Look at the Data

Here’s the underlying data to the chart. You can also view the raw data here.

Count Annual Comp (Median) Salary (Median) Bonus (Median) Stock Bonus (Median) Signing Bonus (Median)
Level 1
Amazon SDE1 33 $ 117,500 $95,000 $15,000 $20,625 $25,000
Facebook E3 14 $ 154,550 $107,000 $10,800 $33,750 $75,000
Google T3 10 $ 172,000 $110,000 $16,125 $49,000 $11,000
Microsoft SDE1 (59 or 60) 32 $ 123,500 $107,500 $11,000 $12,500 $15,000
Level 2
Amazon SDE2 25 $ 147,500 $120,000 $42,000 $25,000 $25,000
Facebook E4 20 $ 183,050 $138,500 $33,750 $33,750 $25,000
Google T4 25 $ 201,000 $ 130,000 $49,000 $49,000 $ 15,000
Microsoft SDE2 (61 or 62) 53 $ 143,000 $123,000 $10,000 $10,000 $20,000
Level 3
Amazon SDE3 11 $ 180,000 $140,000 $0 $38,769 $50,000
Facebook E5 19 $ 249,700 $170,000 $62,500 $62,500 $50,000
Facebook E6 4 $ 358,750 $200,000 $118,750 $118,750 $20,000
Google T5 12 $ 306,500 $ 160,000 $100,000 $100,000 $ 30,000
Google T6 2 $ 472,500 $ 207,500 $205,000 $205,000 $ 7,000
Microsoft Senior SDE (63 or 64) 7 $ 199,000 $143,733 $24,000 $24,000 $17,500
Level 4
Amazon Principal Software Engineer 1 $ 445,000 $160,000 $35,000 $250,000
Google T6 2 $ 472,500 $ 207,500 $205,000 $205,000 $ 7,000
Microsoft Principal SDE (65, 66, or 67) 1 $ 261,000 $179,000 $43,000 $43,000
Google's T6 straddles Level 4 and Level 5, which is why it appears in each band
Bonuses and stock amounts were all annualized straight-line. In reality, Amazon's vesting schedule is 5%, 15%, 40%, and 40% over the 4 years, but we ignored this for comparison
Signing bonuses were not included in the Total Compensation calculation


Another way to look at this, for example, is that an SDE2 at Microsoft might make  $123,000 base with $20,000 in cash and stock bonus. The equivalent level at Facebook would be an E4 making $138,500 base  and about $44,500 in bonus.

We also looked at each company to see how Total Compensation changes across engineering levels. Compensation growth is highest at Google and Facebook, while Amazon has the smallest increase. Reported salary ranges for each level varied significantly.  This may reflect different seniority and performance within a level, the value of the company stock when equity was awarded, or other supply and demand factors.

Total Compensation Ranges Per Level

Comp Ranges for Levels


Breaking down compensation between Salary, Equity, and Cash Bonuses, we can see that Facebook and Google offer the largest opportunity for salary and equity value growth with increasing levels.

Median Total Compensation Breakdown

Comp Breakdown

Contribute to the Analysis

We pulled this data together from a few sources listed at the bottom of this post, and we’d like to build on it and make it better.  We could use more data points for the four companies, particularly at the higher levels, as well as compensation data for other companies and tech roles. This would allow us to map levels and compensation across the larger companies or see how compensation for each role changes with company growth at smaller companies.

Share your compensation:


All answers will be anonymous and posted to a public sheet for anyone to view and download.  We’ll also update our findings and analyses for different companies, tech roles, etc.


背景:CS Master 5.5年



最近拿了几个offer, 请大家看看给个建议
大概annual pkg 情况如下

Google T5 : 350k
(Master + 5.5年 拿到 G T5 感觉挺满意的了, 知道不少朋友没要到T5,最后从了高端

Uber Senior: 410k
(60B的估值不知道啥时候revenue才能justify, 短期看不到套现的可能???)

Snapchat: 420k (注意了,vest plan其实是10%,20%,30%,40%, 这里按每年25%算的,有
(Vest plan有点坑,会不会干到第三年就被fire了???)

Dropbox: 430k
(2017年IPO?? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-15/dropbox-said-to-discuss-possible-2017-ipo-in-talks-with-advisers)

都已经negotiate过了(except snapchat, no bargain at all)

Uber 2016 SWE2 offer package numbers salary bonus refreshment


swe2的range是不小,也就是14w+ base,25w-70+w equity的样子。高端swe2的offer:
14 + 70/4 也就是30出头些。

要不就是把top performer的refresh也给无耻的算进去。你问问拿FLG offer的,那
Airbnb, Pinterest offer的,有谁家把refresh算进去。
一月底的数字是 Bonus $37K (on target) $111K (top 25%) 222K (top)
最近据说改了比例后,20% cash, 80% equity,但是数字我想应该没有大的变化。

performer算那就是耍流氓了。别人家的refresh target都差不多是给new hire equity



所有开发,建筑成本加起来,为$160 一尺;

这是比较有经验的行家的数据,能做到这样才算合情合理,即使如此, 5.51%年回报率大家看了都没兴趣。因此,我们能看到大兴土木的,大多是有规模和边际效应的开发商,散户动不动求杠杆,想都不用想

然而假如在少数高度发展的城市,如纽约附近,湾区和南加等地区,或者大城市的中心地带,情形就不同了,同样的例子,只是地价大大的贵了,而租金却成倍增加。我们假如把地价设在二百万而租金设在二千一个月,年回报率就变成10.26%, 再或者可租到二千五一个月,那么年回报率就高达13.34%了,如果更牛的地王,租近三千,回报率就超过15%。妙的是,预期回报率高,就可以使用扛杆,扛杆把回报率抬到更高。不选对的,只选贵的



湾区的可以参考这篇:Must Read for Bay Area Investor: San Francisco Real Estate Cycles in past 30 Years


2005到2007如是,身边的朋友都是agent了,大部分人没生意做,所以很多Subcontractor, 如铺地板地毯的,做水管工的,做电工等等都部分或者全部主业转移做“建筑商”去追求建新房高利润了。最后危机一来大多让银行Foreclosure。