Top 10 ideas of investments if I have 1 million or 500K to invest now

Cash counting stock equity refreshment for google

Some people get”lucky”: like a stock IPO from employer, selling a house they bought in bay area during 2009/10 time. They may end up with 1 million or 500K to invest. I am dreaming of that day myself. Anyway, here are 10 ideas as a real estate investor:

1. the tried and true rental properties in any configuration your comfortable with

2. mobile home park  ( I have owned a few of these and the right ones are quite nice)

3. Self storage   this is a niche but can be pretty nice in the right location buy one large enough to have on site management though.

4. private lending were its legal.. in Nevada you would need a license just FYI.

5. if you don’t need cash flow for many years and want huge up side and NO real work.. then you may want to buy a Ranch in the northwest that has significant 35 to 40 year old Doug fir with a mix of cedar. these will return 12 to 20% annually… One of my all time favorites .. and the reason John Hancock and the Harvard endowment are the largest funders and owners of timber land in the US.

6. There are some really GREAT syndicators out there  but choose wisely its all about the sponsors ( there are a few great one’s on BP) but also many beginners on BP so cautious there.

7. NNN lease with national tenants..Â

8. existing PERFORMING NOTES… ( I personally am not a fan of NPN thats a job and a tough one)

9. Strips centers in solid suburbs .

10. partner with really quality fix and flipper there in Vegas… ( again choose wisely there are some real bad actors that troll BP and work in Vegas)

there you go  some alternatives to think about other than HEY go buy an apartment  LOL









图1:湾区房价指数,蓝色(右边纵轴)vs失业率,红色(左边纵轴) 湾区房价

图2:旧金山市区房价指数,蓝色(右边纵轴)vs失业率,红色(左边纵轴) 湾区房价





图3:加州历史失业率 湾区失业率








好处,当然是抢了一堆便宜的cash cow,后遗症就是时刻要修房,包括修理各种极品房客,还有房客的各种头疼“后妈”。于是一边欢快数钱得瑟自己的战绩,一边吐槽抱怨,建议要买些千年人参大补精神元气。结果,究竟是赚了还是亏了,只能是瞎子吃汤圆,心知肚明吧。



好处当然是烦心事少些,收租安稳。虽然cash flow少,难免要疑虑万一空置时间长了,怎么抗过去。万一,经济crash, 房子租不出价,怎么办?但是挂在墙上的大饼(未来增值)还是很圆满诱人。





More bubbles coming: Bay Area Just Had The Strongest January in 3 Years

Where are the money coming from?

01/2016: Bay Area real estate had its strongest January in 3 years. Across the region’s nine counties, 3,372 single-family homes were sold.

Likewise, the median cost of homes rose by 16.5 percent from the year before, to $635,000, with similar year-over-year gains posted in Silicon Valley and the East Bay. In Santa Clara County, the $830,000 median was up by 11.4 percent from a year earlier, while in Alameda County, the $660,000 median represented a 14.8 percent gain from January 2015.

“There continues to be a lot of stress on the affordability front,” said Andrew LePage, research analyst for the CoreLogic real estate information service, which released the latest numbers. He observed that the region’s $635,000 median would once again buy next to nothing in the Silicon Valley hub, “except maybe a small vacant lot.”

Alain Pinel broker Rainy Hake, based in Saratoga, concurred: “Most of the homes that you have at this price point are kind of nondescript. It would be interesting to take that money and move to Portland, (Oregon), or Austin, Texas. We’re seeing a lot of exits from the Bay Area to some of these marketplaces that are more affordable and have an up-and-coming lifestyle.”

That said, the relative strength of the Bay Area market remains a matter of perspective.

For while the year-over-year numbers were robust, the volume of home sales across the region dipped markedly from December to January: down 36.1 percent for the region. Santa Clara County’s month-over-month sales were down 37 percent, while Alameda’s dropped 40.7 percent.

And viewed historically, January’s three-year sales high was actually about 20 percent lower than the average January, going back to 1988, which is as far back as CoreLogic’s database extends.

Still, LePage cautioned against reading too much into the month-to-month numbers, which also show a small decline in median prices.

January and February typically are slow months, as many people avoid house hunting during the winter. Also, December sales were unusually high as agents and loan writers finally got the hang of new federal mortgage rules that went into effect in October and delayed many closings until year’s end. Hence, the January sales drop-off may look unnaturally steep.

Amid the stock market downturn and China’s slowing economy, some agents have sensed a softening in home prices, especially in luxury homes.

While it’s possible that high-end sales “could eventually be impacted by an ongoing stock market downturn,” LePage said, “it’s also possible … that you would see what some people consider ‘safe haven’ investing, where wealthy individuals choose to park money in high-end real estate.”

Such trends are hard to measure, he said, but “as deals close over the next few weeks, we’ll begin to see whether there’s been an impact.”



所有开发,建筑成本加起来,为$160 一尺;

这是比较有经验的行家的数据,能做到这样才算合情合理,即使如此, 5.51%年回报率大家看了都没兴趣。因此,我们能看到大兴土木的,大多是有规模和边际效应的开发商,散户动不动求杠杆,想都不用想

然而假如在少数高度发展的城市,如纽约附近,湾区和南加等地区,或者大城市的中心地带,情形就不同了,同样的例子,只是地价大大的贵了,而租金却成倍增加。我们假如把地价设在二百万而租金设在二千一个月,年回报率就变成10.26%, 再或者可租到二千五一个月,那么年回报率就高达13.34%了,如果更牛的地王,租近三千,回报率就超过15%。妙的是,预期回报率高,就可以使用扛杆,扛杆把回报率抬到更高。不选对的,只选贵的



湾区的可以参考这篇:Must Read for Bay Area Investor: San Francisco Real Estate Cycles in past 30 Years


2005到2007如是,身边的朋友都是agent了,大部分人没生意做,所以很多Subcontractor, 如铺地板地毯的,做水管工的,做电工等等都部分或者全部主业转移做“建筑商”去追求建新房高利润了。最后危机一来大多让银行Foreclosure。