01/2018 Big Facebook E4 Package PhD with 1 year experience and competing offer from Google and LinkedIn

Internal Referral: Yes
Education: PhD
Experience: 1-3Year
Facebook Level: E4
Location: Menlo Park, CA
base salary: 160000
Equity部分(RSU/Option Total): 400000
Equity Vesting schedule: 4 years
sign on bonus: 100,000!
Yearly Bonus: 10%+
relocation: no
other offers: google, linkedin

Expected compensation: 305,000+/yr for first 4 years or 400K first year

Analysis: top E4 offer. Competing offer + strong internal referral works magic

01/2018 yelp, salesforce, groupon competing offers master 2 year experience

Has yelp, salesforce, groupon at the same time.

Level: SDE
Education: Master Degree
Location: Bay area
Experience: Bachelor plus 2+years
Competing Offer: yelp, salesforce, groupon
Base: 150K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 100k stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 210K to 220k/yr

Competing offers help. These 3 companies typically gives 180 to 200k for such candidates. Notice these companies typically pay more base than Facebook/Google but less stock incentives. Some says that these companies has relatively lower workload than F/G.

01/2008 Google T3 offer with 300K stock GSU 1year Experience Master

Google Level: T3
Education: Master Degree
Location: Mountain View
Experience: Bachelor plus 1+years
Competing Offer: NA
Base: 130K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 300K worth of google stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 237K/yr

No competing offer!

One of the very good offer as a T3 with no competing offer. Almost in T4 lower-mid end range.

05/2017 Google Experience Bachelor Biggest T4 Offer We Have Seen MTV 447K per year with no competing offer

Cash counting stock equity refreshment for google

Google Level: T4
Education: Bachelor Degree
Location: Mountain View

Experience: Bachelor plus 3+years
Competing Offer: NA
Base: 160K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 1 million worth of google stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 446.5K/yr


No competing offer but the biggest package T4 ever! This package is more than many T6 in Google. How does he do it?

This person is a proven person in the Machine Learning area and has recommendation letters from AI experts. Do I need to underline the magic words? Machine Learning!

04/2017 Uber Senior software engineer offer 435K annually before ipo

Uber Level: SDE2
Education: College
Location: San Francisco

Experience: >5 year
Competing Offer: NA
Base: 170K
Bonus: at least 40K (performance based)
Equity (over 4 years): 18K share (about $50 per share)
Sign on bonus: NA
Expected income: 435K/yr

Analysis: another great offer for college student, why did we get post-graduate degree anyway?

04/2017 Amazon Seattle Offer Compensation Package

Amazon Level: SDE2
Education: PhD
Location: Seattle

Experience: College + 3 year
Competing Offer: Microsoft
Base: 146K
Bonus: NA
Equity (over 4 years): 148 shares worth about 133K at the moment
Sign on bonus: 1st year 49000; 2nd year 37000
Expected income: 237K/yr


Not a bad offer but amazon has one of the worst equity vesting schedule:

1st year 5%, 2nd year 15%, 20% everything 6 month for 3rd and 4th years

03/2017 Facebook E6 Experienced Master Offer almost 400K Menlo Park

Facebook Level: E6
Education: Master
Location: Menlo Park

Experience: 5+ Years after Master
Competing Offer: N/A
Base: 200K
Bonus: 20%
Equity (over 4 years): 600K worth of stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: N/A
Expected income: 390K/yr


E6, RSU CAN be higher if there’s competing offer. But not a bad offer at all!