01/2018 Big Facebook E4 Package PhD with 1 year experience and competing offer from Google and LinkedIn

Internal Referral: Yes
Education: PhD
Experience: 1-3Year
Facebook Level: E4
Location: Menlo Park, CA
base salary: 160000
Equity部分(RSU/Option Total): 400000
Equity Vesting schedule: 4 years
sign on bonus: 100,000!
Yearly Bonus: 10%+
relocation: no
other offers: google, linkedin

Expected compensation: 305,000+/yr for first 4 years or 400K first year

Analysis: top E4 offer. Competing offer + strong internal referral works magic

01/2018 yelp, salesforce, groupon competing offers master 2 year experience

Has yelp, salesforce, groupon at the same time.

Level: SDE
Education: Master Degree
Location: Bay area
Experience: Bachelor plus 2+years
Competing Offer: yelp, salesforce, groupon
Base: 150K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 100k stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 210K to 220k/yr

Competing offers help. These 3 companies typically gives 180 to 200k for such candidates. Notice these companies typically pay more base than Facebook/Google but less stock incentives. Some says that these companies has relatively lower workload than F/G.

01/2008 Google T3 offer with 300K stock GSU 1year Experience Master

Google Level: T3
Education: Master Degree
Location: Mountain View
Experience: Bachelor plus 1+years
Competing Offer: NA
Base: 130K
Bonus: 15%
Equity (over 4 years): 300K worth of google stocks / 4 years
Sign on bonus: 50K
Expected income: 237K/yr

No competing offer!

One of the very good offer as a T3 with no competing offer. Almost in T4 lower-mid end range.

Where to invest for out of state investors? You can’t go wrong with this list.

The number one question for real estate investors is LOCATION. Now that you find out your local market doesn’t have deals you like, or doesn’t cash flow, you want to find a location that makes more sense.

As an investor myself, I spent months trying to figure this out. And I paid dearly for my mistakes. I suggest most new out-of-state investors stick with the proven EIGHT secondary markets, namely

  • DFW (a little late in 2016)
  • Indianapolis (I am so in)
  • Atlanta (Personally I don’t have good experience there)
  • Kansas City
  • Birmingham
  •  Memphis
  • Carolinas
  • Ohio
  • Florida

If you are new to out-of-state investment, don’t try to recreate new wheels and bury yourself in numbers. It only gives you an excuse not to do anything (worth than losing money).

Top 10 ideas of investments if I have 1 million or 500K to invest now

Cash counting stock equity refreshment for google

Some people get”lucky”: like a stock IPO from employer, selling a house they bought in bay area during 2009/10 time. They may end up with 1 million or 500K to invest. I am dreaming of that day myself. Anyway, here are 10 ideas as a real estate investor:

1. the tried and true rental properties in any configuration your comfortable with

2. mobile home park  ( I have owned a few of these and the right ones are quite nice)

3. Self storage   this is a niche but can be pretty nice in the right location buy one large enough to have on site management though.

4. private lending were its legal.. in Nevada you would need a license just FYI.

5. if you don’t need cash flow for many years and want huge up side and NO real work.. then you may want to buy a Ranch in the northwest that has significant 35 to 40 year old Doug fir with a mix of cedar. these will return 12 to 20% annually… One of my all time favorites .. and the reason John Hancock and the Harvard endowment are the largest funders and owners of timber land in the US.

6. There are some really GREAT syndicators out there  but choose wisely its all about the sponsors ( there are a few great one’s on BP) but also many beginners on BP so cautious there.

7. NNN lease with national tenants..Â

8. existing PERFORMING NOTES… ( I personally am not a fan of NPN thats a job and a tough one)

9. Strips centers in solid suburbs .

10. partner with really quality fix and flipper there in Vegas… ( again choose wisely there are some real bad actors that troll BP and work in Vegas)

there you go  some alternatives to think about other than HEY go buy an apartment  LOL

Where should you invest out of state (CA) in 2016? The results are in.

Where should you invest out of state (CA) in 2016? See this drawing from some data [citydata.com/neighborhoodscout.com], sentiments from investors and reading local news.

  1. Indiana: I am IN. Consistently 10% return on cash flow.
  2. Kansas City: not much experience here, pure sentiment
  3. Texas: not sure about the super low oil price implication though. High tax.
  4. Atlanta: already appreciate quite a bit in the past couple years
  5. Birmingham, AL: not much experience here, pure sentiment
  6. TN state: a lot of players there
  7. NC state: similar to ATL but less appreciation
  8. OH: Cleveland is really tricky but cahflow is high. I saw quite a few cases higher than Indiana and Kansas
  9. Chicago: not landlord friendly but a lot of foreclosure to pick up
  10. PA: good rent/price ration. The best actually. Tax is higher is what I heard.

Any other places you invest in? Please send me a note.

  1. Cashflow vs Appreciation